Promoting Common Ground between Syrian and Lebanese Youth

Ad 4 Peace and KAS hold workshops on democratic and human rights

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The war in Syria and the resulting refugee crisis have caused a palpable tension between the refugees and the host communities in most countries affected by the ongoing violence in Syria, including Lebanon. To foster a sense of comradery and common ground between the host community and the refugees in the face of rising unease, the Lebanese NGO Ad 4 Peace – with the support of KAS – provided workshops in September and October for young Lebanese and Syrians on political participation.

Ad 4 Peace had selected ten young individuals from each group to participate in their workshops and learn the basics of democratic and human rights culture by furthering dialogue and encouraging understanding and proper communication from a young age. Over the course of four weeks, this group of ten Syrian and ten Lebanese individuals between the ages of 15 and 25 participated in workshops organized and led by Ad 4 Peace to learn the fundamentals of topics such as democratic and electoral systems, human rights, advocacy, leadership, teamwork and effective communication, as well as good governance.

These workshops and their activities helped the participants realize how much they had in common, and this helped to break some barriers between them and cultivate a sense of acceptance and social cohesion by facilitating reconciliation. The project will continue with an additional four workshops in the months of November and December.

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Lebanon, October 31, 2017

Workshop on political and humanitarian rights
Participants during the group work