Federalism and Decentralisation in Iraq: Challenges and Reforms

KAS, Atlantic Council and IRIS hold a high-level workshop in Beirut

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For years, the imbalanced federal system of Iraq has inhibited the efficient and effective governance of the country. After the military defeat of the Islamic State and in light of the Kurdish independence referendum, Iraqi federalism is in need of reform to ensure the future stability of Iraq. On 28 and 29 January, the KAS Syria/Iraq office, the Atlantic Council and the Institute for Regional and International Studies (IRIS) in Sulaymaniyah held a workshop in Beirut on federalism with high-level representatives of the Iraqi government, Iraqi Members of Parliament and international experts.

The workshop marked the beginning of the cooperation of the Atlantic Council and the KAS Syria/Iraq office in 2018 with regard to stabilization and the reform of the Iraqi state. Two additional events will deal with the economic problems in Iraq, especially the lack of economic diversification, and security sector reform, particularly the demilitarization of militias. The cooperation is part of the Iraq Initiative of the Atlantic Council that will in the next four years work towards strengthening the political system, the economy and civil society in Iraq. The KAS Syria/Iraq office has been active in all parts of Iraq since 2016 and implements projects in the fields of rule of law, political participation, societal reconciliation and economic reform.

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Lebanon, January 31, 2018

Harith Al-Qarawee from the Atlantic Council introduces the program
Lucas Lamberty from KAS opens the workshop
Participants during the discussion
Christine van den Toorn from IRIS during the discussion