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Mediating Syrian Needs and Lebanese Concerns

Round table discussion on the effects of the labour law in the refugee crisis

On 28 July 2016, Lebanon Support with the support of KAS hosted a round-table discussion on Syrian refugees’ livelihoods in Lebanon. The event was the second roundtable discussion of a series on the social effects of political and legal measures targeting Syrians in Lebanon. The discussion addressed the Lebanese government’s policy regarding the access of Syrian refugees to the Lebanese labour market and the consequences of this policy. As a discussant, Lebanon Support had invited George Ghali from the Act for Human Rights organisation (ALEF). more…

Event Reports | August 5, 2016

“The Effects of the Syrian Crisis on Neighbouring Countries”

ORSAM and KAS discuss results of recent study at Issam Fares Institute

The Syrian crisis has not only changed the lives of those fleeing the country. It has also had a profound impact on the neighbouring states that now host them. The aim of the conference, which took place on 15 June 2016, was to analyse and discuss how the Syrian crisis has affected Turkey, Lebanon, Iraq and Jordan. It brought together six renowned speakers from various academic institutions of the region and included the presentation of a comparative study on the issue conducted by the Turkish ORSAM Institute. more…

Nils Wörmer, Lucas Lamberty | Event Reports | June 20, 2016

KAS hosts two CDU MPs in Kurdistan-Iraq and Lebanon

Karin Maag and Peter Weiß learn about the refugee crisis in the region

More than one million refugees have found their way to Germany. Not only do German policy-makers face the question of how to meaningfully integrate these refugees, but also of how to fight the root causes of migration in the most affected regions, particularly the Middle East. In order to explore these questions, the Syria/Iraq office hosted the CDU members of parliament Karin Maag and Peter Weiß from 16 May to 20 May 2016 in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (KRI) and Lebanon and visited humanitarian projects of the German organizations Diakonie and Caritas. more…

Nils Wörmer, Lucas Lamberty | Event Reports | May 24, 2016

Rule of law training for Peshmerga and police

KAS and ETTC conduct three workshops for generals and staff officers

The Kurdistan Region of Iraq has undergone an unprecedented development since 2003 and stands out today as Germany’s most important local partner in the fight against the Islamic State. Since January 2014, Germany has supported the Peshmerga with weapons and a Bundeswehr training mission. In order to further strengthen the political development of the region, KAS and the European Technology and Training Center (ETTC) conducted three workshops in Erbil in April 2016 in rule of law and diplomatic etiquette training for representatives of the Peshmerga, the Zeravani forces and the police more…

Nils Wörmer, Lucas Lamberty | Event Reports | May 9, 2016

“Rethinking International Relations after the Arab Revolutions”

Kas and USJ host conference on new realities confronting the Middle East

The past five years have witnessed unprecedented changes in the Middle East. The conference, which was hosted by KAS and the Saint-Joseph University and took place on 15 and 16 April 2016, brought together more than 25 renowned International Relations theorists, Middle East experts and policy makers for an open discussion on the changes, upheaval, and new realities confronting the region. The participants particularly reflected on interventionism, counterterrorism, politics and religion, state collapse, non-state actors and a potential shattering of the regional framework born after WWI. more…

Event Reports | April 20, 2016