Courtesy Call to the new Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the National Assembly of Thailand on 20 February 2018

Further Cooperation between KAS and the Secretariat of the National Assembly

On 20 February 2018, Mr Sorasak Pienvej, Secretary-General of the Secretariat of the National Assembly, and Georg Gafron, representative to KAS Office in Thailand, agreed upon the settlement of the seminar-series "Promotion of Citizenship under Democratic Regime with Constitution 2018" which will enhance people’s understanding on political reform.

Final Meeting of the EU-Project Steering Committee

Entering the closing phase of the EU project, KAS Thailand and EnLAW, the implementing partner, held the Final Steering Committee Meeting on Thursday 8 February 2018 to assess the project implementation and its achievements. more…

Participants from local criminal courts attending the seminar

Significant Roles and Duties in Asset Inspection

Seminar in cooperation with the Supreme Court Criminal Division for Persons Holding Political Positions under the topic of asset inspection was held on 5 February in Chiang Mai Province. The Vice President of the Supreme Court honourably opened the event.



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Apr. 23
Pathumthani Province

Campaign for Provincial Policy on Green Economy


The Constitutional Court Rulings Year 2014-2016 (published in 2017)

The publication published by the Office of the Constitutional Court of Thailand (OCC) and funded by Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand Office aims to introduce the interested readers the important rulings of the Constitutional [...] more…

Political Development for Sustainability

This publication aims to provide the readers and researchers the significant development of politics in Thailand and other democratic countries. Konrad Adenauer Foundation, Thailand office, and Institute of Public Policy Studies [...] more…

Environmental Justice

This publication aims to provide readers and researchers understanding about environmental justice among public and governmental officials in order to strengthen administrative and environmental management. more…

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