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October 22, 2010

Bringing the Best of the Private Sector to Development

KAS Thailand and the Federation of Thai Industries organized a Seminar on the contribution of the private sector to sustainable development. The discussion was based on a presentation by Mr. Oliver Wieck, Director of the International Trade and Development at the Federation of German Industries. more…

October 14, 2010

Security laws: Opportunities and Challenges for Conflict Resolution

Five month after the violent crackdown of the protests in Bangkok's inner city, the emergency decree still holds in parts of Thailand. Due to this fact KAS Thailand, the Institute of Security and International Studies (ISIS), and the Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) invited to a public forum. more…

September 26, 2010
CrCF Songkla

Special Laws in the South: Applications and Reflections

The two-day workshop “Special Laws in the South: Applications and Reflections” organized by KAS in cooperation with Cross Cultural Foundation (CrCF) in Songkla focused on current controversies and developments regarding the security law application in the Deep-south. The event addressed challenges local civil society organizations face in practice of law and human rights protection. Conclusion derived from series of debates will be published and launched in October.

September 20, 2010
Dilaogue Forum IDS Reformation Political Party System, Siam City Hotel, Bangkok, 16. September 2010.

Dialogue on "The Reform of the Political Party System"

In cooperation with Institute for Democratization Studies, KAS organized a high profile dialogue on September 16th in Bangkok. Attended by more than 80 participants with broad media coverage, and moderated by former deputy Prime Minister Mr. Chaturon Chaisang (TRT), the event focused on recent party dissolutions, the future of the political party system, and the reformation of the constitution. The debate focused on the importance of political parties for Thailand and their policy agendas.

September 7, 2010
Strengthening Leadership for Political Participation

Strengthening Leadership for Political Participation

The President of the Senate, Prasobsook Boondech, opened the workshop “Strengthening Leadership for political participation”, jointly organised by KAS Thailand and Secretariat of the Senate (SOS).

July 7, 2010

High-ranking Dialogue on the Conflict in the Deep-South

In cooperation with the Research Center for Peace Building, KAS successfully organized a high-ranking dialogue workshop seeking for practical mechanism for a peaceful settlement of the violent conflict. During the workshop, in which representatives from security forces, National Security Council, Academia and local NGOs participated, various dialogue methods have been applied. The event successfully contributed to building trust, cooperation and strategy.

June 9, 2010

Local Government Management and Community Development between the South and the East

The study trip for local leaders “Local Government Management and Community Development between the South and the East”, organized by KAS and Sawasdee Thai Foundation. In its second year,the program has brought together 35 Southern local and religious leaders. Through field visit and brainstorming session, the event has broadened the participant’s concept of effective decentralization and development as well as encouraged them to apply critical thinking tools in their own community project.

April 23, 2010

Strengthening Participatory Democracy for Women Leaders

Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Secretariat of the Senate conducted a seminar on “Strengthening Participatory Democracy for Women Leaders" on 23-25 April in Phuket. 12 Senators participated in the opening ceremony and 110 participants are from Phuket and Phangna. The seminar promoted the parliamentary democracy and the role of the Senate, built up positive attitude towards democracy and politics, and built up network of women leaders for democracy development in the certain provinces.

March 31, 2010

The international Seminar „Common Strategy for the Asia Pacific Region”

The International Seminar „Common Strategy for the Asia Pacific Region” organized by the Royal Thai Armed Forces brought together representatives from military and non-military organizations in order to develop a coherent and comprehensive security cooperation in Asia-Pacific. Following the speech by Surin Pitsuwan, Secretary General of ASEAN, KAS representative Dr. Canan Atilgan delivered a keynote on “comprehensive approach to security” introducing the German concept of „Networked Security”. more…

March 29, 2010

Constitutional Reform: Approaching a New Consensus

Responding to the current political crisis, Chiang Mai University and KAS co-organized a high-level panel discussion focusing on the debate of possible key solutions to overcome the political deadlock. The seminar aimed at reinvigorating past dialogues as well as introducing new conflict resolutions strategies. It encouraged participants consisting of decision-makers, academicians, and local activists for a constructive discussion on policy options that can provide a sustainable solution.