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I Love Kayom Trees

Urban Trees and Climate Change

This book identifies growing problems of relationships between people, buildings, roads, and trees in urban areas; and reveals the results of people paying inadequate attention to the environment. It also discusses the role of national politics which prefers material development to keeping of a well-balanced and liveable city. Professor Dr. Tanet Charoenmuang was a lecturer of the Faculty of Political Science, Chiang Mai University and is one of the founders of Urban Development Institute Foundation. The publication is in Thai language only. more…

January 14, 2014

The Social Market Economy

What does it really mean?

The Social Market Economy is a proven economic and social model that not only provided Germany with its economic miracle after the Second World War, but that also brought the country many years of stability and prosperity. But despite its merits, many people find it difficult to describe what is really meant by the term "Social Market Economy". This publication seeks to change this by introducing and explaining in greater depth the key principles of the German economic system. more…

December 19, 2013

Bundestag elections in Germany held on 22 September 2013

Election analysis

The CDU achieved a particularly good result, its best since 1994. The election results are above all a show of trust in Chancellor Angela Merkel. more…

Dr. Viola Neu | September 26, 2013

Annual Meeting of “Project on Strengthening Community and Local Leaders” Together with the Secretariat of the Senates

Nationwide series of events to strengthen local political leaders successfully finished

In the past months KAS together with the Secretariat of the Senates (SOS) had organised the series of seminars and workshops to develop political education and participation throughout the country. Around 240 chosen participants had a chance to attend the final seminar in the annual meeting of the SOS on 23rd August 2013 in Bangkok. more…

Michael Winzer | Event Reports | August 23, 2013

Foreign Administrative Case Studies Compendium Vol. 4

The publication of the Office of Administrative Courts of Thailand (OAC) in cooperation with Konrad Adenauer Foundation Thailand provides details of administrative cases in foreign countries. more…

August 2, 2013