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Sep. 13, 2018 Symposium

Future of the Transatlantic Bond

International conference in Prague

The current relationship between the European Union and the United States faces many political, economic, and military challenges. more…

Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Czernin Palace, Loretánské náměstí 5, Prague 1
Nov. 3, 2016 Congress

The Future of Centre-Right Parties

The Czech regional elections revealed the fragmentation of the middle-class camp again. What does the future of the centre-right parties in context of the current developments in Europe and The Czech Republic look like? more…

Café Louvre, Národní 22, 110 00 Praha 1
Oct. 1, 2015 Congress

Digital single market in the European Union and its benefits for the Czech Republic

In cooperation with TOPAZ and the Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies

The recently discovered digital borders raise the question if we are bound to the Schengen borders in today’s digital world or do not. This conference will be focused on the proposal of a digital single market within the EU and copyrights in the EU. more…

Art Nouveau Palace Hotel, Panská 897/12, Praha 1

Event Reports

Experts warn: People are missing the alphabetization in the virtual world

Easier communication, better access to information, faster interaction. All of this was brought by the development of digital technologies and the internet. Nowadays, digital technologies are far more developed than anyone could [...] more…

The symposium „Sustainable Development VII. - 30 Years after the Single European Act, or Europe of the four freedoms

From 3/31/16 to 4/1/16 the international symposium on sustainable development took place for the seventh time in Budweis. The symposium „Sustainable Development VII.- 30 Years after the Single European Act, or Europe of the four [...] more…

High-level politicians from Czech Republic visit Berlin and Erfurt

The high expectations of Czech citizens towards the new democratic political system are only partly being satisfied. Several potential cases of corruption in addition to an insufficient public administration lead to the citizens’ [...] more…

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