The Search for the Czech Identity

In cooperation with the Center of Contemporary Art and the Platform of European Memory and Conscience

November 12 Wednesday


November 12, 2014


The Centre of Contemporary Art DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague 7



The Democracy in the Czech Republic celebrates the 25th anniversary of its existence. Has the relationship between the Czech and their country changed in the past years? Are the stereotypical views about the Czechs still widespread?

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“The golden Czech hands”. “The brave Czech lad”. “Who is Bohemian, is a musician”. From the history we know many proverbs, which try to capture the essence of the Czech identity. The 25th anniversary of the Czech democracy provides the opportunity to pause and to reflect. What values characterize the Czech identity today?

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Velvet Revolution the Konrad-Adenauer- Stiftung, the Centre of Contemporary Art DOX and the Platform of European Memory and Conscience organize an event on the topic “The Search for the Czech Identity”. The event will take place on November 12th starting at 1900. The event location is the Center of Contemporary Art DOX, Poupětova 1, Prague 7.

In this special discussion the following guests will go on the search for the Czech identity: fashion designer Liběna Rochová, actor Ondřej Vetchý, volleyball coach Zdeněk Haník, polish writer Mariusz Surosz. Daniela Drtinova will be the moderator of the discussion.

The discussion will take place during the event week on the topic “The Spark of ´89”, which is organized by the German Embassy in Prague, the German political foundations and their partners. The media partner is the news portal ČT 24.

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