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May 20, 2009

XI. Krušovice talks

On May 19th in Štiřín, there took place XI Krušovice talks. The topic for year 2009 was "Strategy in politics and economy to beat the financial crunch". Speeches made by people from higher politics and by economic experts were a base for following discussions. Topics as financial crunch and crisis and its sources were mainly discussed, then some concrete wishes, claims and needs of the economic sphere were expressed.

May 18, 2009

Four Czech universities participated on European Day

In previous weeks the "European Day" took place at four Czech universities - Prague, Brno, Olomouc and Pilsen. In discussions, seminars and simulations students found out a lot of interesting things about Europe and they could express their opinions and ideas for the future. There were also participants from higher politics and media who together with students discussed current European topics, i.e. current situation in Europe, comming European elections and Lisbon treaty. more…

May 15, 2009

5th newsletter to the Czech Council Presidency

The fifth newsletter of the KAS to the Czech Council Presidency offers once again information about current events, dates and background knowledge to the Czech Council Presidency. What will happen after the entrance of the new government? Further topics are extremism in the Czech republic, the economic crisis and the European elections. Moreover the newsletter presents interviews with Dr. Tomáš Kraus, Federation of Jewish communities and David Ondráčka, Transparency International Prague. more…

May 6, 2009

Senate ratified the treaty of Lisbon

With 54 to 20 votes (5 abstentions) the Czech Senate accepted the Treaty of Lisbon after a session of more than seven hours. After this important obstacle only the signature from president Václac Klaus is still missing. A detailed report you can be found under “publications”.

May 4, 2009

European elections – Informations for Germans living abroad

In a view weeks will be in every EU state the elections to the European Parliament. Every EU-citizen can irrespective of the place of residence attend elections. For a registration for elections abroad is most often an application in the permanent residence necessary. Further informations about the situation in the Czech Republic and other EU-states as well as necessary forms can be found under this link more…

April 23, 2009

New publications now available

Two new editions of "Střední Evropa - The political opinion" and the book "National interests in a modern democracy - The Czech Republic" are now available. Main topics are among others the European-Russian relations, climate change and the recent Czech past. Furthermore all publications offer a detailed overview of the current political situation in the Czech Republic, Europe and the world. Further information can be found under the accompanying link. more…

April 20, 2009

KAS Prag Newsletter - register now

Dear KAS Prag friends, together with our partners we organize a lot of interesting, informative and exciting events. To stay in touch, we have decided to start sending our event overview. In case of interest, please send us your contact data at We would be very happy hearing from you, sincerely Dr. Hubert Gehring.

April 6, 2009

4th newsletter to the Czech Council Presidency

The fourth newsletter of the KAS to the Czech Council Presidency offers once again information about current events, dates and background knowledge to the Czech Council Presidency. What will happen in the Czech Republic after the vote of no confidence? How about the Lisbon Treaty? What did Barack Obama do in Prague? Furthermore the newsletter presents interviews with bishop Domink Duka and Erik Tabery, editor in chief of RESPEKT. more…

March 25, 2009

Cabinet Topolánek overthrown

Yesterday the cabinet of Mirek Topolánek (ODS) has been overthrown by a vote of no confidence. In a topical report the KAS Prague expands on probable reasons for the success of the vote of no confidence as on potential internal and European political consequences. Definite is: the political developments of the next weeks and months will not only affect the Czech citizens and parties, but also the European Union. more…

March 24, 2009

Lecture of Prof. Simon Hix about the franchise reform

At the 13th march Prof. Simon Hix from the London School of Economics has presented in his lecture the proportionality, responsibility of the government, current results of research and perceptions about the the franchise reform. He also discussed the planed changes in the czech system of election.