High-level politicians from Czech Republic visit Berlin and Erfurt

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The high expectations of Czech citizens towards the new democratic political system are only partly being satisfied. Several potential cases of corruption in addition to an insufficient public administration lead to the citizens’ frustration. In consequence, there are doubts relating to the young democracy and its traditional democratic parties.

Visiting Berlin

Visiting Berlin

In the light of these events many disappointed voters looked out for alternatives which they found in neo-populist movements. This is why the Christ democratic parties in the Czech Republic face an aggravated competition towards the newly founded populist movements and why the Christ democrats have to regain the trust of their voters.

Current surveys show that there is a consent to the parties EVP, TOP09 and KDU-CSL which lies somewhere in between 5 and 10 %, being close to the 5 % election threshold. This is one reason why the strategy of modernization of the German CDU might bring important knowledge for the Christ democratic partners and also why the strategy could be an inspiration to gain new potential supporters and voters.

The present curricula and the dialog program aim at bringing closer the strategy, its instruments and processes of modernization to the participants. In addition to that, the participants shall get to know the concept of strategic planning for political work. Specific examples for the implementation of the electoral program of the CDU and of its pre-elections promises are considered to make up the program.

The group is being accompanied by the head of the KAS Office Dr. Werner Böhler in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

The person in charge for the implementation of the program, being part of the team domestic programs: Ingrid Garwels

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Czech Republic, March 17, 2016