The symposium „Sustainable Development VII. - 30 Years after the Single European Act, or Europe of the four freedoms

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From 3/31/16 to 4/1/16 the international symposium on sustainable development took place for the seventh time in Budweis. The symposium „Sustainable Development VII.- 30 Years after the Single European Act, or Europe of the four freedoms“ was organized by the College of European and Regional Studies Budweis in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation. 30 years after the adoption of the Single European Act, the participants discussed the current challenges of the EU and the security situation of the transatlantic space.

The director of the College of European and Regional Studies, doc. Dr. Mgr. Lubomir Pána, Ph.D., opened the plenary meeting, delivering a speech about the politics of the day and emphasizing the need for a quick solution to the refugee crisis, and honoring Karl IV., which would be 700 years old the year.

Keynote speaker of the plenary meeting and the symposium, Bernd Posselt, former member of the European Parliament, CSU, discussed the strength and weaknesses of the EU, which according to Posselt has evolved into an European society. Nevertheless there are still many obstacles to overcome. Regarding the refugee crisis Posselt mentioned that he approached representatives of southern European states in 1998 with a concept to solve further refugee problems, but that they declined his offer. The former member of the European parliament highlighted the importance of regionalism, because no nation, no matter how big, can solve the problems of the world on their own. At last Posselt said that progress is only possible, if countries work together.

Other speakers included Dana Biskup, EUGERIA Bavorský les - Šumava - Lower Inn, Blanka Douchová, dis, und Ing. Ivan Štundlar, South Bohemian Regional Authority or Ing. Kamila Mouchová, Institute for European policy, Coordination Unit of the Government. The importance of common action of the EU in political, social and economic affairs continued to be addressed during the symposium. It was also discussed that regional cooperation between neighboring countries should be strengthened. For an even better development of European companies, who are active in the technical sector, further investments are needed.

During the symposium the location development and the regional development in the Czech Republic and the EU, as well as the socioeconomic aspects of sustainable development were reviewed. Current questions of the security policy were also addressed. The symposium was launched to support the exchange between specialists, students, NGOs, public institutions and private companies.

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Czech Republic, April 12, 2016