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Human Rights in the European Union

in cooperation with IIPS

IIPS in cooperation with the KAS release a publication “Human Rights in the European Union”. The author of the book, Hubert Smekal, is an assistant professor at the Desk of International Relations and European Studies and a scientific worker at the International Institute of Political Science, where he co-founded the Center for Human Rights and Democratization. The publication analyzes in detail the topic of human rights in the EU, beginning with the European integration and the study of human rights as such, ending with the specificities of the approach towards the human rights in the EU. more…

Country Reports | January 29, 2010

Twenty years of freedom – Why the democracy is not for free

IIPS in cooperation with the KAS, Cevro Institute and Pant publish a selection of essays with the title “Twenty years of freedom – why the democracy is not for free”. A group of Czech high school students, which took part in the final of this competition, expresses itself about the Velvet revolution, transformation and their individual perception of freedom. This collection contributes to the understanding of the opinions of the young generation, which knows communism mainly from narration. more…

January 20, 2010

Volume: Four Considerations on Europe

in cooperation with OI

Občanský institut and the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung jointly publish the volume „Four considerations on Europe“ by three german and one Czech author. Josef Isensee, a professor for public law at the Bonn University, Udo di Fabio, a judge of the German Constitutional Court, Hans-Jürgen Papier, the chairman of the Constitutional Court and Karel Schwarzenberg, senator of the Czech parliament and chairman of the party TOP 09 consider various topics of the EU, such as the Lisabon Treaty and European values. more…

January 13, 2010

ODS Wins the EU Elections

Euroskeptic stream lose / ODS top Zahradil ends 2nd

There is quite clear trend after the government was overthrown in March: ODS wins, ČSSD loses. ODS got 31 per cent and could improve its result from 2004, now it won 9 mandates. ODS won also thank to low turnout - only 28 per cent and was probably better in persuading her voters taking part in the Elections. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | Country Reports | June 10, 2009

European Days - press release

Press release to European days in Olomouc, Brno, Prague and Pilsen. more…

May 18, 2009