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Cabinet of PM Topolánek Overthrown

The cabinet of Mirek Topolánek (ODS) has been overthrown by a vote of no confidence. In a topical report the KAS Prague expands on probable reasons for the success of the vote of no confidence as on potential internal and European political consequences. Definite is: the political developments of the next weeks and months will not only affect the Czech citizens and parties, but also the European Union. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | Country Reports | March 25, 2009

3rd Newsletter to the Czech Council Presidency

The third newsletter of the KAS to the Czech Council Presidency offers once again information about current events, dates and background knowledge to the Czech Council Presidency. It offers articles of the Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs Karel Schwarzenberg and the Czech Minister for Regional Development Cyril Svoboda. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | Country Reports | March 3, 2009

The Czech Republic and the Lisbon Treaty - The First Hurdle Is Beaten

Chamber of Deputies approves the Lisbon treaty / ODS disunited / the Senators are ready to claim / further delays are expected more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | Country Reports | February 18, 2009

Ratification of the Lisbon Treaty - It's Czech Republic's Turn

After the Constitutional court declared no disruptions between the Czech Constitution and the Lisbon treaty, the appoval for the Lisbon treaty with support of ODS seems to be only a formality. On the other hand, considering distortions in ODS, the Lisbon treaty approval is still unsure. more…

Hubert Gehring, Marcel Preising | Country Reports | February 11, 2009

1st Newsletter to the Czech Council Presidency

The way is not long anymore: The Czech Republic is just only a few weeks away from the beginning of the presidency of the Council of the European Union. France will pass the chairmanship on to Prague on January 1st 2009. Czechia will take over this task for six months to pass is on to Sweden on July 1st. The KAS will publish regurlarly a newsletter with information about dates, current developments of the Czech domestic and foreign policy and further knowledge during the next months. more…

Hubert Gehring | Country Reports | December 16, 2008