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Human Rights in the European Union

in cooperation with IIPS

IIPS in cooperation with the KAS release a publication “Human Rights in the European Union”. The author of the book, Hubert Smekal, is an assistant professor at the Desk of International Relations and European Studies and a scientific worker at the International Institute of Political Science, where he co-founded the Center for Human Rights and Democratization. The publication analyzes in detail the topic of human rights in the EU, beginning with the European integration and the study of human rights as such, ending with the specificities of the approach towards the human rights in the EU. more…

January 29, 2010

ODS Wins the EU Elections

Euroskeptic stream lose / ODS top Zahradil ends 2nd

There is quite clear trend after the government was overthrown in March: ODS wins, ČSSD loses. ODS got 31 per cent and could improve its result from 2004, now it won 9 mandates. ODS won also thank to low turnout - only 28 per cent and was probably better in persuading her voters taking part in the Elections. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | June 10, 2009

After the Government Overthrow: The Czech Republic Is Governed by Experts

The Czech EU-Presidency

Newsletter No 5/2009 with information from the backstage, important events, interviews and actual progress. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | May 15, 2009

Senate Says "YES" to the Lisbon Treaty

Signature from President Klaus Still Missing

After more than 7 hours we now know the result - the Czech Senate says YES to the Lisbon treaty. By that the second hurdle is beaten - the first one was YES declared in February 2009 by the Chamber of Deputies. In the Senate there is more euroskeptics, but the YES was declared quite clearly by 54 in favour, 20 against and 5 abstained. Although the Lisbon treaty was approved by both Chambers of the Parliament, there is still place for doubt and speculation, because in the Senate, the euroskeptic ODS has a majority. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | May 6, 2009

Czech Republic Torn Between EU Summits, Obama and National Instability

The fourth newsletter of the KAS to the Czech Council Presidency offers once again information about current events, dates and background knowledge to the Czech Council Presidency. What will happen in the Czech Republic after the vote of no confidence? How about the Lisbon Treaty? What did Barack Obama do in Prague? Furthermore the newsletter presents interviews with bishop Domink Duka and Erik Tabery, editor in chief of RESPEKT. more…

Hubert Gehring, Tomislav Delinic | April 6, 2009

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