Istanbul Security Conference 2017

May 7 Sunday


May 7 - 9, 2017





On 07th-09th May 2017 the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Turkey Office organized a security conference in cooperation with the Center for Strategic Studies of Başkent University. Politicians, diplomats and academicians took part at this important event.

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In June 2008, the security dialogue was held for the first time in Ankara, at that time only with a German-Turkish cast according to the title “Turkey in its geostrategic environment”, with subtopics like transatlantic relations, NATO, regional stability and security as well as their effects on Europe and the EU.

During the following years, in cooperation with its long-standing partner, the Center for Strategic Research of Başkent University, the conference was expanded more and more to current incidents in the whole region as well as to global challenges, until it took place this year for the tenth time in a row from 7th to 9th May 2017 in Istanbul with a new identity under the name “Istanbul Security Conference” on the topic “Boundless Crisis, Integrity and Security”.

Within eight panels during two conference days, high-level representatives of foreign and security policy from Germany, Turkey, the United States of America, Israel and Hungary could argue and discuss within an international exchange diverse security policy issues such as defence strategies, international cooperation, terrorism and counterterrorism with modern advanced technology, deterrence and global extremism, geopolitical power shifts in the Middle East and the East Mediterranean. In addition themes like the future of transatlantic relations, deterrence methods against unequal powers in countries of the Middle East, the relations to Russia and NATO’s future as well as security scenarios in the MENA region were discussed.

Among the participants from Germany, the Federal Chancellery was represented by Dr. Joachim Bertele, the Ministry of Defense by Mr. Martin Lammert, the German Parliament by a number of CDU parliamentarians (Mr. Thomas Bareiss, Mr. Matern von Marschall, Mr. Marian Wendt, Mr. Oliver Wittke). From official Turkish side, Mrs. Fatma Ceren Yazgan, Deputy Director General for Security and Intelligence Affairs of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was talking about extremism and its impacts during her presentation.

The Political Counselor of the US Embassy, Mr. Justin P. Friedman, emphasized in particular the need of a stable NATO, through which international peace, security and stability could be created with a possibility for its expansion by new member states. Amb. Ertuğrul Apakan, Chief Monitor of OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine, gave a keynote speech about the implementation of OSCE principles and obligations. The aims of the SMM is to help Ukraine to reduce tensions and to faciliate the dialogue between all parties. The Deputy Speaker of the Hungarian National Assembly Mr. Gergely Gulyas depicted the migration issue in Europe from the view of Hungary and the necessity to support Turkey in the refugee issue.

From Israel, Mr. Jonathan Fighel of the Institute for Counter-Terrorism (IDC) Herzliya and Mr. Micha’el Tanchum of The Harry Truman Institute took part in the conference. In his presentation Mr. Tanchum underlined, that the transatlantic cooperation would not work effectively enough and that NATO and EU are good partners, but China is increasingly present in various regions and that not only in the economy.

Deputies of different embassies and consulates from Germany, India, Japan, Hungary also joined the conference as guests. The Istanbul Security Conference was praised for its new, large and multinational form, its value for the exchange within the security policy discourse was emphasized and the continuation of this event was requested. All participants agreed that global problems like terrorism and refugee crises can only be solved by international cooperation.

Panel-1: Fighting against Terrorism in Europe, Thomas Bareiss (m.), Member of German Parliament

Fighting against Terrorism in Europe with Thomas Bareiss (middle), Member of German Parliament

Panel-3: Extremism in the Global Arena

Panel-3: Extremism in the Global Arena with Marian Wendt, Member of German Parliament (second from left)

Panel-4: The Future of Transatlantic Relationship,Justin P. Friedman (second o.r)

The Future of Transatlantic Relationship with Justin P. Friedman, Political Counselor of the US Embassy (second from right)

Keynote Speech by Amb. Ertuğrul Apakan, Chief Monitor, Mission to Ukraine, OSCE

Keynote Speech by Amb. Ertuğrul Apakan, Chief Monitor, Mission to Ukraine, OSCE

Panel-7: Security Scenarios in the MENA Region, Carsten Wieland (m.)

"Security Scenarios in the MENA Region" with Dr. Carsten Wieland, Expert for Syria and Middle East (second from left)

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