Democratic Participation

Democratic Participation

November 9 Thursday


November 9 - 14, 2017





The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung Foundation has organized together with the Turkish Democracy Foundation the 2nd part of the workshop series "Capacity Building Program for Social Integration and Advocacy Part: 2 Democratic Participation" in Şanlıurfa.

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14 young people working as volunteers or full-time in the various NGOs in Turkey in the field of youth projects, working with the disabled, working with women, Syrian refugees, Roma participated in these workshops.

As part of the program, two workshops have so far been held, in October and November 2017, and the last workshop will take place at the end of November. The program will provide participants with intensive interactive training on project management, democratic participation and social inclusion and advocacy.

The aim of this program is to give graduates the ability to work on projects in the field of social inclusion and inclusion for the advocacy and advocacy of disadvantaged groups with whom they work and to develop socio-political issues.

Gruppenarbeit zum Thema „Begrifflichkeiten in Bezug auf Democratic Participation"

Group work on the topic "Democratic Participation Terminology"

Gruppenarbeit zum Thema „Democratic Participation“

Group work on "Democratic Participation"

Gruppenfoto am Ende des Programms-Şanlıurfa

Group photo at the end of the program, Şanlıurfa.

Besuch zu einem Projekt über die Flüchtlinge aus Syrien- Şanlıurfa

Visit to a project on the refugees from Syria, Şanlıurfa.

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Bekir Öncel

Project Administrator

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