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Rethinking Diplomacy

New Approaches and Domestic Challenges in East Asia and the European Union more…

Lam Peng Er, Dr. Colin Dürkop | August 1, 2011

Shaping Change in the Middle East

A position paper on political cooperation with the countries of the Middle East/North Africa more…

Dr. Martin Beck | January 18, 2011

The German EU Presidency - Implications for Accession Negotiations with Turkey

Expectations are high, opportunities low - the German Council Presidency, started on 1 January 2007, constitutes a great challenge as well as a test for the federal government. Germany has taken over the Presidency in a critical phase for the Union's development. (IN: ZEI EU-Turkey Monitory, March 2007) more…

Jan Senkyr | Country Reports | March 20, 2007

SME in the Region of the Black Sea Economic Cooperation

Reality and Vision

Dieser Band ist das Ergebnis einer internationalen Konferenz der KAS zum gleichen Thema vom 16. März 2006 in Istanbul. more…

August 15, 2006

Developing Sustainable SMEs - Vision and Reality

Bericht zur internationalen Workshop in Bucharest gemeinsam mit der Black Sea Economic Cooperation und UN Economic Commission for Europe am 9.-11.06.2005 more…

June 13, 2005