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Under the title "Reality Check" KAS Uganda regularly publishes studies and papers by Ugandan experts on political and economic issues in the country.

REALITY CHECK I - The State of Multiparty Democracy in Uganda
Analyses of multiparty democracy and the role of political parties by four Ugandan experts from different perspectives
Edited by Yusuf Kiranda and Mathias Kamp
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REALITY CHECK II - Political Party Financing in Uganda
Critical analysis of party financing in Uganda in reference to other countries
Author: Paul K. Ssemogerere
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REALITY CHECK III - Economic Policies in Uganda and the Principles of Social Market Economy
Analysis of economic policies in Uganda in light of the basic principles of social market economy and their relevance and applicability in the Ugandan context
Author: Evarist Twimukye
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REALITY CHECK IV - Multiparty Politics in Uganda
Assessment of the development, challenges and prospects of multiparty politics in Uganda
Author: Yasin Olum
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REALITY CHECK V - Revisiting the Media Freedom Debate at Uganda's Independence Golden Jubilee
Analysis of the evolution of the independent media in Uganda and assessment of the current challenges
Author: Michael Kakooza
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REALITY CHECK VI - Uganda's Economic Development - The Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Change
Analysis of the linkage between climate change and economic development in Uganda
Author: Emmanuel Kasimbazi
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REALITY CHECK VII - The Status of Social Security Systems in Uganda - Challenges and Opportunities
Analysis of social protection and socialy security systems in Uganda and their development
Author: Paul Bukuluki, John-Bosco Mubiru
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REALITY CHECK VIII - Assessing the Impact of Social Media on Political Communication and Civic Engagement
Analysis of the impact of social media on political communication and civic engagement with a special focus on campaigning for the 2016 election
Edited by Mathias Kamp
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