Uganda Social Media Conference

Harnessing the power of Social Media for Democratic Consolidation and Good Governance in Uganda

The Uganda Social Media Conference is an annual KAS-Uganda programme that aims to bring together key stakeholders from government, civil society and the media to have a constructive exchange on the opportunities and risks of the growing social media sphere and to assess the impact it has on citizen-state engagement. Started in 2015, the conference provides a unique platform for theorizing, dialoguing and engaging on how this unique media tool (social media) can be harnessed to promote democratic consolidation and good governance.

For many years the media evolution from print to radio, to TV and now online media has continued to influence mass opinions and perceptions. However, the emergence of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have placed this very concept to the test with some arguing that social media now controls the opinions, perception and actions of the majority whose opinions were previously shaped by information from traditional and mainstream media houses.

Today’s web and the new media underpin the ability to create instant communications sensations. From Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and a collection of blogs, a news statement can advance from zero to 20 million viewers overnight. The viral nature of this highly social, user-driven environment enables complete strangers to connect over common beliefs, desires or interests and together create winners and losers