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The importance of self-governance in building a powerful multiparty system in Uganda

The third workshop this year on good governance in a multiparty system at district level highlighted possibilities how participants may assume their role in becoming active, patriotic and effective leaders, thereby successfully fulfilling their duties in fostering civic education in their communities. more…

Event Reports | June 21, 2018

Harnessing Digitalization for the development of Agricultural value chains in Uganda

It’s not common that you find Agriculturalists discussing digital engagements in their gatherings in Uganda. If it’s not dwelling on pests and diseases, they are probably talking about weather effects, produce handling, market access and other elements of the value chain. more…

Event Reports | June 7, 2018

South Sudanese Journalists in Uganda trained on Hate Speech Mitigation and Mobile Reporting

South Sudan finds itself mired in a complex web of social, economic and political conundrums that require multi-stakeholder approaches to find sustainable solutions. Journalists are one such stakeholder that plays crucial roles in creating avenues not only for sensitizing the general public and promoting access to information which is a fundamental human right. more…

Event Reports | May 25, 2018

South Sudanese Artists and their role in Building Peace and National Unity

When artists use verbal and nonverbal communication strategies which challenge, teach and inspire, communities begin to idealize and disclose the hidden truths that are deeply rooted in their human experiences. It is upon this background that NoSSCOU, the network of south Sudanese civil society organizations in Uganda through their member organization, AnaTaban organized a public dialogue to discuss the role of the south Sudanese artists in promoting peace and national unity in the conflict ravaged country. The dialogue took place on 20th May 2018 at Makerere University. more…

Event Reports | May 23, 2018

KAS Scholars in Uganda reflect on the meaning of democracy and how to make it work

On 18th of May, 2018, scholars and the alumni members of our Scholarship program at Uganda Martyrs University gathered in Kampala to reflect on the fundamentals of democratic governance and how to make it work for all. more…

Event Reports | May 21, 2018