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A multiparty system, like the Ugandan, requires the willingness to work together, all persons involved on all levels. The DNG-workshop in Kapchorwa on the 31st May and 1st transported this important rule for a functional democracy to appointed and elected leaders. more…

Event Reports | June 13, 2017


A Resource for Civic Education in Uganda

Civic Education is often a forgotten aspect that is very central in the democracy equation. Rallying citizens to become interested in the affairs of their country not just during elections but prior, during and after elections will enhance their involvement in what their leaders do for their communities. This democracy workbook is a resource that can be used by community leaders and key resource persons to talk about different aspects of democracy. more…

June 13, 2017

Ugandan government partners with KAS and GAIN-Uganda in civic education

Scalling up Civic Education in Uganda

With a great party in the KAS gardens, the DEMOCRACY WORKBOOK for civic education in Uganda was launched on Friday, 26th of May 2017. The second edition of the book is released by GAIN, KAS and the Ministry of Information, Communications Technology and National Guidance. more…

Bernard Mukhone | Event Reports | June 6, 2017

The search for answers to the employment challenge in Uganda reframes the debate

The 3E's Reality Check Conference 2017

Following the release of the 9th Edition of the Reality Check Report, which focuses on the issues of Employment, Entrepreneurship and Education in Uganda, the debate on employment takes a rather different yet more analytical course. During a three-day conference to discuss the report, the focus on youth (un) employment changed from victimising the unemployed to problematising the labour market. more…

Event Reports | May 22, 2017

Civil society organisations representing citizens in bargaining a social contract with the state.

The challenges facing young people in Uganda are enormous and the actors working to do something about them are diverse. But even with all these efforts, policy outcomes are yet to reflect and effect the interests of the youth. Therefore, without proper coordination, there are significant risks of duplication, limited prospects for sustainability and failure to impact on the public policy environment. more…

Event Reports | May 16, 2017