Ukraine in Europe: a path through Euromaidan

Conference on European Integration of Ukraine

April 4 Friday


April 4, 2014, 09.30 - 21.00





The conference will be held in cooperation with the Institute for Euro-Atlantic Cooperation.

Also available in Deutsch, Українська

The Konrad Adenauer Foundation and IEAC has invited leading Ukrainian and foreign experts to reflect on four crucial questions for Ukraine at four sessions of the conference:

-How was Euromaidan perceived in Europe - and how did it change Europe’s attitude to Ukraine?

-How to resolve the Crimean crisis - and what should be expected from Russia?

-What opportunities have been discovered by the civil society of Ukraine - and how to avoid losing them after Euromaidan?

-What is the future of the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement - and will Ukraine learn from the past mistakes?

Contact person

Gabriele Baumann

Head of the KAS Office in Ukraine (Kiev)

Gabriele Baumann
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Jakov Devcic

Jakov Devcic
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Kateryna Bilotserkovets

Project Coordinator (Kiev)

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