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May 18, 2011

Handbook with interesting statistics

Ukraine in the world 2011

“What do they know of England who only England know?” Rudyard Kipling’s famous remark is as suitable for Ukraine, as it is for every other country on the globe: Without knowledge of the external world you don’t know your own country. Ukraine in the World 2011 with its international statistics comes at the right time. Be it politics, economy, energy, demographics, or the military – the reader can easily compare the achievements of Ukraine. more…

April 18, 2011
Chancellor's Office

Programm for study and information

Young Ukrainian representatives get to know the federal system

How do german representatives see themselves? How do they keep in touch with citizens? How do they work within their fraction, in commissions and in their party? How does the federal system work and how do municipalities and federal states use their competences? These and other questions were raised by eight young ukrainian represantatives on their journey to Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg and Berlin in the April of 2011. The KAS also organized visits in the Bundestag and the Chancellor's Office.

April 9, 2011
Spengler Klitschko


For lasting success a party needs programs and core values

Frank Spengler and Dr. Michael Borchard counseled Dr. Witalij Klitschko and the party UDAR on the 6th and 7th of April 2011 about the development of a new party platform. The experts of the KAS contributed their experience in Middle- and Eastern Europe and the development of the party platform of the CDU in Germany.

April 9, 2011
Spengler with Tymoschenko

Political talks

KAS speaks with partners

Frank Spengler, assistant chief department manager for european and international cooperation of the KAS talked to the leaders of the partner parties of the KAS and the EPP in Kiev on the 6t and the 7th of April. The topics were the development of democracy and the rule of law in the Ukraine, the economical situation and the preparation for the parlimentary elections 2012. Also, the partners discussed plans for cooperation and possible support.

April 1, 2011
Europa im Koffer

Kick-off seminar

Europe in a suitcase - Junior teams are prepared for their trip in the Ukrainian regions

From the 28th of March to the first of April, the Robert Bosch Foundation, the polish Robert Schuman Foundation, the European Academy Berlin, the Institute for Euroatlantiv Cooperation and the KAS held the Kick-off seminar for the Junior Teams "Europe in a suitcase 2011". Five German-Polish-Ukrainian groups will travel to the ukrainian regions in order to exchange thoughts about European values, the rapprochement of Ukraine towards Europe and the participation in the "Project Europe".

March 29, 2011
Higher school of politics Charkiw

Core values and political ideology

Political problems can only be solved with the proper equipment

More than 70 young participants from southern and eastern Ukraine took part in the seminars of the "School of Politics 2011" in Charkiw from the 24th to the 28th of March. The main topics of the first session this year in the project which is organized by the Centre for political studies and analysis and the KAS were core values and political ideologies. in discussing these topics, it became clear, that ideological beliefs are necessary in politics in order to develop solutions for problems.

March 1, 2011
Higher school of politics Lwiw

Higher scool of politics

Young politicians develop solutions for education, economical integration and migration in party platforms

Young Ukrainian politicians have developed in the "Higher school for politics" from February 24. to 28. in Lwiw own party platforms based on values and ideologies. The young participants, engaged in parties, youth organisations and civil society, had the task to develop solutions for reforms concerning education, economical integration and migration. The KAS uses the methods of problem-oriented learning in these seminars.

February 2, 2011
Europa im Koffer

Informational message


If you are from 20-30 years old; if you are interested in the processes that are happening in Europe; if you want to exchange your thoughts and ideas with the youth from Poland and Germany; if you speak good English and you are ready to become a part of the team on voluntary basis – THIS PROJECT IS EXACTLY FOR YOU! During the week five international groups will be meeting with young people from Ukrainian universities, youth clubs and non-governmental organizations in different cities of Ukraine.

February 1, 2011
Pöttering Sarkozy

Friend of France

Honorary award for Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering

President of France Nicola Sarkozy awarded Dr.Hans-Gert Pöttering, the Head of Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung and former President of European Parliament by French order of Legion of Honour „Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur“ in the Elysee Palace for performing great services for the contribution to European solidarity and – as Mr. Sarkozy pointed out – as “ a friend of France”.

January 26, 2011
Klitschko and Pöttering

Educational and informational program

KAS establishes contacts with Vitaliy Klychko and UDAR Party in Berlin

On January 23-25, 2011, on KKonrad-Adenauer-Stiftung’s invitation Vitaliy Klychko and members of UDAR Party administration visited Berlin, where a chain of political meetings took place. In particular, discussions with the Head of KAS Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering (photo), CDU General Secretary Hermann Gröhe, MFA State Secretary Wolf-Ruthart Born, CDU Bundestag deputies Shockenhoff, Polenz, Krichbaum and Wellmann as well as with Frank Henkel, the main CDU candidate in Berlin.