Film project "Cry of the Black Earth"

Documentary about the Holocaust in Ukraine

Also available in Українська, Deutsch

In 2013 the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in Ukraine supports the production of two-part documentary entitled “Cry of the black earth” that tells about the mass shootings of the Jewish population by the national socialists in the village Kivshovata in the Taraschtschanskiy district south of Kyiv. Survived witnesses of massacres speak in the film in a line with historian and local experts. They report on the peaceful coexistence of Jewish and Ukrainian population in Kivshovata before the war and described the brutal approach of the troops at the mass shooting of Jews of the village.

With the support of the production of the documentary, the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation aims to make its contribution to the overcoming of one of the darkest chapters of the German-Ukrainian history.

Am Fuße der Grube, wo im Herbst 1941 im Dorf Kiwschowata die Massenerschießungen von Juden stattfanden.
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A documentary film about the holocaust: "Cry of the Black Earth"

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