Eastern Partnership Leaders for Change

Empowering young politicians and civic activists from Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine

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Empowering young leaders for civic and political activism – with this goal a new format for political education was launched in summer 2016 for three Eastern Partnership countries. More than 160 reform-oriented representatives of political parties and civil society from Ukraine, Moldova and Georgia were trained and engaged in an interactive learning process. The project's alumni will form a network of multipliers that promote European ideas in their communities and engage in constructive politics for a pro-European development of their regions.

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Eastern Partnership Leaders for Change, форум у Києві.

The Eastern Partnership Leaders for Change project provides “a platform for networking”, is “a great learning experience” and leads to “new initiatives with like-minded colleagues”. This is how participants describe the regional seminars that took place in 2016 and the international forum in Kyiv in 2017 within this new format. The project was launched to contribute to the political modernization of the Eastern Partnership (EaP) countries by training and empowering a new generation of reform-oriented political and civic leaders. It includes representatives from political youth organizations and civil society from the three EaP countries that implement Association Agreements: Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine.

The project is organized by the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung and the Ukrainian Institute for International Politics in partnership with the Eduardo Frei Foundation from the Netherlands. In a competitive selection process, about 160 participants were selected for regional seminars all over Ukraine. Following the regional seminars, the most engaged and outstanding participants were invited to the forum that brought them together with their peers from other regions.

The format includes training, skills workshops, working groups and panel discussions as well as resolution drafting for participants. Topics range from the European Association process to civic engagement, from working with media to negotiation skills and consensus-oriented decision-making and many others. Following the seminars, the participants reported that they stayed in contact with at least 3-5 other alumni, some even with up to 10 and more. The format will be continued with a new cohort in 2017 and 2018 respectively.

For more impressions from the Eastern Partnership Leaders for Change, watch the video of the 2016 cohort here. If you are an alumnus, join the community.


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Eastern Partnership Leaders for Change, forum in Kyiv


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