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July 8-13 Berlin

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KAS Ukraine sent fifteen members of political parties and civil initiatives from southern Ukraine to Berlin to study the German institutions, but also to exchange with government representatives on current issues between Ukraine and Germany.

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In front of the German Chancellory

In the light of the annexation of crimea and continuing human rights violations on the peninsula through the Russian Federation, the necessity for functioning democratic institutions in Ukraine and areas close to conflict becomes evident. With a regional focus on southern Ukraine and topics such as human rights, political activism and political institutions on different levels, KAS Ukraine (Kyiv) accompanied a group of civil society and political activists to Berlin from July 8-13. The aim of the trip was to get acquainted with the German political system, the political party structures as well as the role of civil society.

Different visits to historical sights, for example to the former Stasi prison Hohenschönhausen Memorial and to the museum for Parliamentarism in Germany gave an introduction to the political history of the Federal Republic of Germany. Several political talks with the party of the Christian Democratic Union exemplified political work on several levels. Therefore, the group visited the CDU regional office of Berlin, and discussed with the member of the regional parliament of the state of Brandenburg, Barbara Richstein and the Member of the German Bundestag Dr. Christoph Ploß. Furthermore the foreign policy advisor Hans-Joachim Falenski elaborated on Germany's support for Ukraine and current challenges. On the topic of internally displaced persons and refugees in Germany, Dr. Krause from KAS headquarters and Benedikt Praxenthaler gave an introduction. The NGOs Germanwatch, Polis 180 and RCDS elaborated their respective roles in the German civil society. Further political meetings were held with Mr. Frank Priess from KAS headquarters, with the Matthias Lüttenberg in the German Chancellery, as well as with Ljudmyla Melnyk (IEP Berlin) and Wilfried Jilge (DGAP).

Through the variety of talks on German political institutions, on the Ukrainian security threats and reform challenges as well as on the future of Crimea, the participants of the study trip were able to increase their network and to address their questions and issues to german decision-makers. The trip was organized by the KAS headquarters by Ingrid Garwels and the delegation was accompanied by Isabel Weininger from KAS Kyiv office.


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