Germany and the EU’s China Policy

Roundtable discussion with Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum

April 20 Friday


April 20, 2018


Washington, DC


Experts' Meeting

With the American Council on Germany, the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is organizing a roundtable discussion on April 20 with Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum, who will present Germany’s and the EU’s policy on China as a rising global player and military power.

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Is the rule of law and the liberal international order imperiled? These are the current hotly debated questions being posed among policy experts and China observers in Washington DC. Dr. May-Britt Stumbaum, a highly regarded policy expert and German practitioner will address some of the currently pressing issues on China. Dr. Stumbaum is the Director of the NFG Research Group at the Free University of Berlin, and Team Leader of the Asia-Pacific Research and Advice Network to the European Commission(#APRAN).

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