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February 1, 2010

Lecture and Discussion

USA - Germany - Russia

Dr. Andreas Schockenhoff MdB: Acting chairmen for the CDU/CSU Fraction in the German Federal Parliament.

January 22, 2010

Transatlantic Dialogue

New Forms of Political Communication in the USA and Europe

Dr. Klaus Schüler - Leader of the Federal Bureau of the CDU

December 6, 2009

Information Program

The Health Care System in Germany - A System under Continuous Reform

An Information Program for US Politicians and Experts. 6-11 Dez. 2009. more…

November 29, 2009

Information Program

New German Government- Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall and 60th Anniversary of Germany

An Information Program for US and Canadian Politicians and Experts. 29 Nov. until 4 Dec. 2009. more…

November 16, 2009

Country Reports

US Climate Policy On the Road to Copenhagen

The political context makes it clear that the US will not have a climate bill ready in time for the talks in Copenhagen, and the commonly accepted premise seems to be that without climate legislation enacted domestically, the US won’t be able to sign on a global deal on climate change in December. more…

November 5, 2009

Country Reports

'Change has come'...or has it?

The first Tuesday in November is traditionally voting day in the USA. The national and international attention has been concentrated on the every four year presidential vote. The in between votes in which members of the Houses as well as one third of the US Senate is elected are also watched with much interest. However, the less observed "off-year" vote still has a far reaching political broadcast. more…

November 2, 2009

Lecture and Discussion

The Transformation of the Russian Economy

Dr. Yegor T. Gaidar - Director of the Institute for the Economy in Transition - former Prime Minister of Russia more…

October 23, 2009

Lecture and Discussion

The Fight Against Maritime Piracy - the Role of the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Dr. Helmut Tuerk - Vice President of the International Ocean Law more…

October 14, 2009

Country Report

The Politics of Health Care Reform in the US: Can President Obama Deliver?

The current health care reform debate has become badly, even bitterly, divided over a host of politically sensitive issues, including the huge overall projected financial burden, the scale of government involvement, and the increasingly partisan and inter-party ideological battles. Combined, these issues make it almost impossible to predict whether President Obama can muster the 218 House of Representatives and 60 Senate votes he needs in order to enact a health care reform bill into law. more…

October 12, 2009

Country Report

Nobel Peace Prize for Barack Obama - Reactions in the USA

Gobsmacked by President Obama's Nobel Peace Prize? You have come to the right place. Chalk it up to the national character of my ancestral homeland. The election of the first African American president deserves global recognition. But if that is the committee's intent, the Nobel should have been given to the American electorate. more…