Policy analysis and Editorials

April 25 Tuesday


April 25 - 27, 2017





The participants - mid-career Vietnamese journalists - will be armed with important skills to analyze policies and to write editorials.

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Analyzing legal documents and writing editorials are always a challenge for media institutions. Under KAS’s support, Viet Nam News – the National English Language Daily – organizes a three-day training workshop on policy analysis and editorial writing. The purpose of the training is to provide mid-career journalists with knowledge on the updated law-making process and the current debates at the Vietnamese Parliament. An experienced Australian journalist will tutor the participants on important techniques in covering public policies.

Vietnam News representative during his opening speech

Vietnam News representative during his opening speech

Parliamentarian Bui Sy Loi

Dr. Bui Sy Loi presents on law-making process.

Terry and students

Australian Journalist Terry Hartney is talking about introduction of an Editorial.

Student presents

A young journalist of Vietnam News Agency's World News Section presents the key steps in writing an Editorial.


Journalist Terry Hartney talks about position of the journalists as starting an Editorial.

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