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October 3, 2014
Germany celebrates 24 years of Unification

Ministry of Justice congratulates KAS

The Ministry of Justice congratulated the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Vietnam on the occasion of 24 years of German unification. The KAS and the Ministry of Justice will further cooperate intensively and maintain their close partnership.

October 2, 2014

Approved the proposal to ratify the United Nation Convention against Torture and Other Cruel

This morning, the Standing Committee of the National Assembly of Vietnam has approved the proposal to ratify the United Nation Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment (CAT) made by the Government through its Ministry of Public Security (MPS). The National Assembly will ratify this Convention in its coming session in October - November this year. The Criminal Code and Criminal Procedure Code will be amended for compliance in 2015.

September 29, 2014

KAS-FTU Summer School

"A journey towards the future"

The Summer School's certification ceromony marked the end of the summer program but it also expressed the 20 students' hope from Foreign Trade University that this would be a valuable beginning for their journey heading to the future. At the ceremony students were awarded for their achievements and they expressed their passion through experience sharing. The KAS in Vietnam with its desire to encourage and promote the young generation in Vietnam will continue with these kind of activities. more…

September 19, 2014

ANN conference in Hanoi

Prime Minister receives ANN and KAS Delegates

Representatives of the KAS-founded Asia News Network (ANN) held their annual conference in Hanoi and were received by the Vietnamese Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung. The PM addressed the journalists on developments in the East See, freedom of press and current economic situation. He underlined the role of the Asia media to contribute to peace and friendship. The ANN consists of 21 media groups in most Asian capitals and reaches out to millions of readers. The Network was founded in 1999 by KAS. more…

September 19, 2014

Mid-term Workshop of the EU Project "Strengthening Local Governance for Local Economic Growth in Vietnamese Cities"

Today, Friday 19 September 2014, the Mid-term Workshop of the EU Project "Strengthening Local Governance for Local Economic Growth in Vietnamese Cities" takes place in Hai Duong City – one of the three pilot cities of the Project. The Workshop will summarize project activities of the first year, present results and discuss the work plan for year 2. more…

August 22, 2014
Students and the CEO of PTT Public Company Limited

KAS-FTU Summer School

PTT: Vietnam’s economy from a Thai perspective

22/08/14–According to several rankings, PTT belongs to the strongest companies in the ASEAN. PTT has been of huge interest for the Vietnamese students since it has been operating in Vietnam for a long time. Mr. Vanpeeti Yimlamai, Area Manager of the International Marketing Department, presented the company profile of PTT and shared views on the economic development of Vietnam. The visit provided the group with an outsiders view on the development and sharpened the sense for issues in Vietnam.

August 22, 2014
Students visit BJC

KAS-FTU Summer School

Berli Jucker (BJC): The ASEAN as our family

22/08/14 – BJC, a renowned company and dynamic investor in Vietnam, is a role model of an ASEAN focused company. From BJC the students learnt how further ASEAN integration might affect the business culture of a company and how it feels to work in such an environment. In intensive talks Mr. Aswin Techajareonvikul, CEO of BCJ, affirmed the necessity of Vietnamese contribution to the integration process and encouraged students to take ASEAN focused companies into close job consideration.

August 21, 2014
Students in studio of ANN

KAS-FTU Summer School

The Nation Multimedia Group and ANN: Inspiring world of journalism

21/08/14 – Journalism only means writing newspaper articles. If the Vietnamese students thought like that, the visit to The Nation and ANN proved it wrong. The participants realized that journalism offers them various job opportunities. They felt how it is to be a TV reporter and experienced the working environment in a big and renowned news agency. The group got these valuable impressions about the career path journalism from Pana Janviroj, President of The Nation and Executive Editor of ANN.

August 21, 2014
Roundtable Nation U

KAS-FTU Summer School

Nation University: (How) can the ASEAN be a community?

21/08/14 – At a roundtable, students from well-known Nation University, Bangkok, and the student group from Vietnam exchanged their views on the ASEAN. Students from both sides realized that cultural exchange between the member states is most essential for the ASEAN to become a community. Understanding that need they agreed on continuing exchange and cooperation in the future. The KAS in Vietnam will further contribute to ASEAN integration by promoting regional networks like that.

August 21, 2014
Students from Foreign Trade University and Representatives of SCG

KAS-FTU Summer School

Siam Cement Group: Dream for a better future

21/08/14 – How can economics students contribute to a better future? The answer of Siam Cement Group (SCG) was easy and clear: join and work for them. SCG has a long tradition and is one of the biggest companies in the ASEAN region. During this visit, the students learnt how SCG seeks to influence a positive development of society. The discussion with SCG staff indicated that a further integration of the ASEAN is inevitable for the future of both Thailand and Vietnam.