Overview tasks and topics

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Strategic Adjustment of the Hanoi office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation
(date February 2009)

  •     Stabilization and development of  constitutional structures
  •     Constitution of an independent judicature
  •     Supporting the constitutional dialogue
  •     Decentralization and democratization
  •     Stabilization and democratization on local level
  •     Supporting the pluralism through supporting groupings of interest
  •     Professionalization the parliament
  •     Social security systems as a part of the free market economy
  •     Supporting the international integration


The international office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation (KAF) will concentrate on five key aspects of activity in the following years. Through its past cooperation with Vietnamese partners, the office already has a high reputation and knowledge in these areas. These key aspects of activity relate to all important political processes of reform in Vietnam.


Main Focus: Constitutional Structures

The project work of KAF will focus on supporting constitutional structures in Vietnam. Extensive knowledge of Business and Civil Law will be mediated. The process of scientific preparation for implementing a constitutional jurisdiction has started and will be accompanied. Recommendations for action on the area of criminal law will be formulated on selected questions furthermore.


Main Focus: Constitutional State Dialogue

The most conspicuous development in the area of development cooperation will be happen through the constitutional state dialogue between Germany and Vietnam, which was prepared 2008 and signed 2009. Just some years ago Vietnam was ruled still through decrees. That has changed basically: Today all services should be orientated on the constitution and on laws. In the Constitution of Vietnam is stated that a socialistic constitutional state should be aimed. Constitutional structures are indispensable for democratic societies and for any good functioning state building. The premises exist for free and self-determined personal development of man- kind and they are important for social peace in the society. A program, formulated by Vietnamese and Germans together, points out exactly, in which areas which organizations are having a constitutional cooperation already or looking forward to do so. The areas of activity are knowledge exchange, cooperation in legislation, mutual legal assistance agreement, supporting the fight against corruption, the development of the judicial system and relevant institutions like the constitutional court. For the transcription of the extensional dialogue, for building up synergies and for avoiding double effects, the KAF will lead the head position in this dialogue.


Main Focus: Decentralization

The slowly forced decentralization of the administration, the strengthening of local communities and democratic structures at all levels will be ongoing supported by the KAF. Knowledge of the promised powers of municipalities will be taught, implementation problems and solutions will be identified and claims on the government to improve the necessary legal provisions for effective decentralization will be prepared.


Main Focus: Professionalizing the National Assembly

In 2008 a close cooperation for professionalizing the National Assembly was already prepared, a weak point analysis has been carried out, a work program and the partners for the project have been sought. The cooperation will start with workshops etc. in 2009. The cooperation will professionalize the National Assembly as the representative of the citizen, strengthen the efficient of the working processes and increase the know-how of the parliamentarians.


Main Focus: Social market economy and international integration

The KAF in Vietnam is working together in close cooperation with the National University of Hanoi since years. The Focus lies on scientific questions relating to basic principles of modern social security systems in the form of the social market economy, but also questions about the international and regional integration of Vietnam. The KAF has supported the WTO accession of Vietnam before early 2007 and is discussing since that date together with Vietnamese scientists, public officials, administrative officials and entrepreneurs the consequences for the Vietnamese government. Furthermore, the KAS will continue together with relevant partners the aim of establishing a WTO-Centre. In such a research and training centre Vietnamese officials, legal practitioners and entrepreneurs should be trained in WTO-related topics. Moreover, this institution should bundle dedicated knowledge of the WTO regulations.