The rise of a European start-up scene - What are the key drivers of innovation and entrepreneurship?

Think Digital! Event series session #2.3



28. Juni 2017, 19.00


Bavarian Representation to the EU, Brussels


Peteris Zilgalvis (HoU, DG CNECT), Henna Virkkunen (MEP, European Parliament), Catherine Van Holder (Futurist), Roman Huber (Bayern Kapital), Lenard Koschwitz (Allied For Startups)



Innovation and a strong entrepreneurship are key drivers for economic growth and competitiveness.

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While research projects from universities, state agencies and major enterprises play an important role, groundbreaking ideas and new business models are mostly created by small groups of individuals. Compared to other regions, Europe is often seen as lagging behind when it comes to a flourishing start-up scene. Experts explain this deficit with a lack of digital skills, marketing problems due to various languages and cultures, a fragmentation of European markets, a low level of funding and a different attitude towards risks.


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