Exhibition on the Founding Fathers of the European Union

European Union, The History of friendship: Adenauer, De Gasperi and Schuman



20. – 26. August 2017, 9.45-19.00


Meeting Rimini (Pad B1), Via Emilia 155, Rimini



The main goal of the exhibition is to underline the semplicity of the relationship between Adeanauer, Schuman and De Gasperi. Starting from their personal lives through to their political lives and including that which links them together.

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European Union, the History of friendship: Adenauer, De Gasperi and Schuman

The Exhibition of the Founding Fathers is open from 9.00 AM until 7.00 PM o´clock at Pad B1 (free Admission)

The Staff of De Gasperi foundation welcome the visitors to show the experiences of De Gasperi, Schuman and Adenauer as necessary to appreciate the significance of the European Union and to be able to have a proactive interest in it.

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