Russia and Central Europe: Diverging Interests or Chance for Cooperation?



12. Oktober 2017, 9.00-16.15


Fakultät für Soziale Studien der Masaryk-Universität, Joštova 10, Brünn



The conference is meant as a comprehensive contribution to the discussion addressing relations between the Central Europe and Russia with a regard to perspectives of individual countries of the region.

Given the influence and strong ties Russia has always had towards this part of the continent, it is of utmost importance to discuss and analyse the issue from various perspectives, including political, economic and cultural aspects. It is also desirable to analyse these relations with regard to the development after the Cold War and Russia´s specific perception of the region, especially regarding the current situation.

The conference is designed as a full-day event and will be divided into three thematic parts. In the first part, invitees will provide a comprehensive analysis of relations between Russia and the Central Europe as a region located on a crossroad of interests between Russia and the West. The second panel will then focus on the perspective of the Visegrad states, Germany and specifics of their relations with Russia. Concluding discussion panel will offer a sober vision of future relations between Russia and the region.

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