Ukraine - The Limits of Diplomacy



14. September 2017, 10.00-17.30


Andrássy Universität Budapest, Pollack Mihály tér 3, Budapest, Ungarn. Zur Website ›



The Center for Diplomacy of the Andrassy University Budapest, in cooperation with the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung invites you to a one-day symposium.

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The political and military conflict in Ukraine is admittedly the most serious challenge facing the European continent. Understanding and discussing the political, cultural and economic difficulties posed by the conflict and the situation in Ukraine in general is an indispensable step on the way to finding lasting solutions. The speakers of the conference are experienced and prestigious experts on the situation in Ukraine who will address various aspects of this multi-faceted conflict on the eastern borderlands of the European Union.

Attendance is free, but we would ask you to register since the number of participants is limited. Registration until the 11st of September 2017 at:


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