The Perception of Myanmar in Germany and the European Union

Guest Lecture by the Chair of International Politics and Development Cooperation of the University of Rostock



March 21, 2017




Tim Bredtmann M.A., Academic Assistant (University of Rostock)



Where is Myanmar? Outside specific academic or business circles this question may not provoke a correct answer in Germany and – most likely – in Europe as well.

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In this presentation it is argued that the image of Myanmar in Germany and European public is problematic. This is for different reasons: There are diverse understandings of democracy and media tends to report on exceptional incidents related with violence, catastrophe and suffering. On the other hand Myanmar appears to be a thriving nation, opening for press freedom, free and fair elections and – in a nutshell – democratic values. But which image is the dominating one in Germany and the European Union? Not to forget that this region appears to be in a crisis itself, struggling for unity and common values.

Myanmar and EU

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