Public Procurement Law Training

Training for the Western Cape Branch of the Public Protector (PP)



August 14 - 18, 2017


Cape Town


Prof. Geo Quinot (African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, Stellenbosch University)



In continuation of the training programme for the Office of the Public Protector (PP), this workshop targets officers of the PP Western Cape Branch. The training is conducted by Prof. Quinot (African Public Procurement Regulation Research Unit, SUN).

The officers of the Western Cape Branch of the Public Protector (PP), including the Deputy Public Protector Adv. Kevin Malunga, will be trained in Public Procurement Law. In a first session, the notion of this field of law will be discussed and distinguished from other related fields, such as supply chain management. Brief attention will be given to the approach to public procurement law in global perspective to frame the study of domestic law. The basic legal framework in terms of which public procurement occurs in South Africa will be set out. This involved general constitutional and administrative law at the highest level as well as the largely statutory framework that governs public procurement in particular.

The overall purpose of unit 1 is to create the common basis upon which more detailed study of specific issues are followed in subsequent units.

The outcome of unit 1 iwas to develop an appreciation for:

• The notion of public procurement law;

• The distinction between public procurement law and other fields impacting on public procurement;

• The regulation of public procurement in global perspective;

• The general legal framework in South Africa in terms of which public procurement law exists;

• The main statutory instruments governing public procurement in South Africa: o Public Finance Management Act 1 of 1999 & regulations o Local Government: Municipal Finance Management Act 56 of 2003 & regulations o Preferential Procurement Policy Framework Act 5 of 2000 & regulations o Construction Industry Development Board Act 38 of 2000 & regulations o National Land Transport Act 5 of 2009 & regulations o State Information Technology Agency Act 88 of 1998 & regulations

• The scope of public procurement law in South Africa: o What type of transactions are covered o Which institutions are covered o What stages of procurement are covered

• The main legal requirements for a valid public procurement.

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