Parliamentary Elections in Germany: Whom would you vote for? Explaining German Politics with the “Wahl-O-Mat”



September 16, 2017


Amman, Jordan



In the context of the German Week, KAS Jordan Office is organizing a workshop on the German parliamentary elections, on 16 September 2017, in Amman, Jordan.

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The upcoming parliamentary election is currently an important political topic in Germany, with many different political parties promoting their agendas on a national platform. KAS Jordan Office will give those who are interested the opportunity to test their political affiliation by introducing to them the “Wahl-O-mat”, or “Election Barometer”. The “Wahl-o-mat” asks several multiple choice questions and calculates which German political party suits your political orientation the most.

Wahl-O-Mat, Bundestagswahl 2017 | © bpb, Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung


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