Social media for a culture of encounter II



November 11, 2017


Amman, Jordanien



Social media for a culture of encounter

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The KAS Jordan Office, in cooperation with the Catholic Center for Studies and Media (CCSM), is organizing two workshops in October and November 2017 with the aim of engaging with young people, especially university students, to raise awareness in the use of various social media platforms in a manner that would enhance and promote a culture of encounter, dialogue and mutual respect, rather than one of hate and mistrust.

Jordan has recently experienced hate speech in the media, especially in the social media, and on Facebook in particular. Rapid social change in the country has exposed a lack of awareness and training for young people in the responsible use of social media. There is an urgent need for knowledge among Jordanian youth about freedom of speech and how they can use the language of encounter and harmony rather than one of hate and confrontation in social discourse.

The workshops aim to create an awareness of the need to ensure that social media make a positive impact; to train young people on the ethical use of social media; and to encourage educational institutions to educate the young generation in the use of freedom of speech in a positive manner. Ultimately, the purpose is to eliminate all forms of hatred that lead to violence against others.

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