Power Shifts. Media Freedom and the Internet

FoME Symposium 2017



November 16 - 17, 2017


Akademie Berlin, Tiergartenstraße 35, Berlin, Germany. To the website ›



The FoME symposium will bring together journalists, media development specialists and representatives from government and private companies from around the world to exchange views and foster ideas to keep the Internet free and open.

In many countries, not only in the developing world, governments are pushing for more control over the Internet. Censoring content is a growth industry, and Internet and social network shutdowns in response to civil protest and unrest are on the rise. Online surveillance is exploding and people are being increasingly intimidated or detained because of their online activities.

Therefore it is vital for civil society and the media to work together in order to shape the Internet of the future and ensure it remains in the service of democracy. And the role of international media assistance needs to be reconsidered in this context.

At the 2017 Symposium of the Forum Media and Development (FoME) in Berlin (Nov. 16th & 17th), we will discuss recent developments, strategies and next steps with a range of international experts in the fields of media development and Internet governance.

At the core of the symposium will be the following questions:

  • How to address Internet filtering and blocking in authoritarian regimes?
  • How to counter “fake news” without stifling freedom of expression?
  • How to minimize risks emerging from cyber security initiatives?
  • Should the media development community engage more in the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) processes?
  • Should media development focus its attention more to international digital media enterprises?
  • How to regulate or control the expansion of digital surveillance programs?
  • Should digital information literacy be more prominent on the media development agenda?


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Thomas Jarzombek

Keynote by Thomas Jarzombek, Member of the German Parliament, spokesperson of the CDU/ CSU parliamentary group in the Digital Agenda Committee (picture: KAS)

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