Leaders for Justice 2018 - Project Management. The "How to" that Will Make the Difference

5th training session



May 10 - 13, 2018


Brasov, Romania


Mihai Drăgoi, Codru Vrabie, Laura Ștefan



The fifth training session within our leadership program for Romanian young legal professional - Leaders for Justice 2018 - will take place in Brasov and will focus on Project Management and building of common projects.

Fifth training session within the Leaders for Justice 2018 programme is entitled “Project Management. The "How to" that Will Make the Difference” and focuses on:

  • Project management for legal professionals (Trainer: Mihai Dragoi)
  • Building common initiatives and projects (Trainers: Codru Vrabie and Mihai Dragoi)
  • The work of the civil society in consolidating the rule of law (Facilitator: Laura Ștefan & Codru Vrabie)
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