Awarding ceremony and handover of certificates

10th Batch of The Statesman Print Journalism School completes the one year training



May 10, 2018




Ravindra Kumar, Editor of The Statesman, Subrata Nagchoudhury, Director of "The Statesman Print Journalism School", Peter Rimmele, Resident Representative of KAS to India



On 10th May the 10th Batch of "The Statesman Print Journalism School" will complete the one year journalist training. In a awarding ceremony the students will be handed over their certificates.

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At the initiative of KAS and C.R. Irani Foundation, which is affiliated directly to the national newspaper "The Statesman", the Statesman Print Journalism School (SPJS) was founded in Kolkata in the year 2008. The training curriculum conveys basic techniques of journalistic work as well as general methods of interpretation and analysis of further political, social and economic dimensions. This year will be the eleventh batch will start with training.

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Peter Rimmele
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