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10 | 2006

International Reports 10/2006

On the Necessity of Formulating Germany's Political Interests Vis-à-vis Asia – Options for Germany / The Realignment of Power within Asia and Its Consequences / Japan's Role in Asia's New Power Constellation / Readjustment of Asia's Centres of Power – Its Consequences for the ASEAN States and Related Reactions / India – One of the Winners of Globalisation / China's Involvement in Africa: Trends and Perspectives / The Policy towards Developing Countries – A Field for a Strategic Partnership between Europe and China? / America's Unwritten Policy on Islam: The White House and the Relationship between Terror and Islam. Part 2: Presidential Insights into Islam and Terrorism / Public or Private Funding of the Economic Infrastructure in Developing Countries – Does Lack of Capital Constitute a [...]

9 | 2006

International Reports 9/2006

America's Unwritten Policy on Islam: The White House and the Relationship between Terror and Islam. Part 1 / U.S. Midterm Elections 2006: Einwanderungs- und Energiepolitik als innenpolitische Themen im Wahlkamp / Between Piles of Broken Glass and a New Beginning: The Middle East Conflict after the Crisis in Lebanon / Environmental Problems in Today's Russia / Support for Political Politics in New Democracies: Think Party System; Think Globalisation! / Books on Terrorism

8 | 2006

International Reports 8/2006

The Foreign Policy of the Lula Government: The Record and Prospects / The Return of Populism to Latin America and the Role of Brazil / Terminus at Brasília. Political Crisis and Election Campaigning in Latin America's Largest Country / Brazilian Energy Policy – Back to Domestic Sources / Politics, Perceptions, and Concerns Regarding the Development of Science and Biotechnology in Brazil / Reinventing the Agrarian Reform / Football and Society in Brazil / A Divided Mexico Chooses Continuity: Felipe Calderón Wins by a Close Vote

7 | 2006

International Reports 7/2006

Consolidating Indonesia's Democracy by Educating Civil-society Leaders in Democratic Politics / One Hundred Days After the Elections: Withdrawal from the Withdrawal Plan? / Presidential and Congressional Elections in Peru: The Return of Alan García / The Challenge of Transparency. The Financing of Guatemala's Political Parties is Facing a Complex Reform Process / Shaping Multipolarity?

6 | 2006

International Reports 6/2006

Uribe celebrates a triumph - The congressional election in Colombia on March 16, 2006; The rocky way of decentralization - Why Chile stays centralist for the time being; Parliamentary election 2006 in the Ukraine; More acceptance and sympathy - What image the Poles have about Germany and the Germans

5 | 2006

International Reports 5/2006

China and the European Union: Ambivalent Relations / Problems and New Challenges in East and Southeast Asia / The Reconciliation between Germany and Poland / The Saudian Kingdom after Transition / Indigenous People in Ecuador. Living between Institutional Influence and Street Fighting / Magic, Vitality, and Tristesse in the Barcelona of the Early Franco Era

4 | 2006

International Reports 4/2006

Strengthen Europe's Role on the Gulf!; Parliamentary Elections in Azerbaijan in 2005; The Friday Sermons (hutbe) of the Presidium for Religious Affairs in Turkey; Stability in Instability; American Neoconservatism

3 | 2006

International Reports 3/2006

Chile after the Presidential Elections; The Transformation Process in Iraq; The Uncertain Future of the G8 Strategy on the Development of Africa; Africa ante Portas

2 | 2006

International Reports 2/2006

Italy's Foreign and European Policy / Das The Christian Element in the Party Landscape of Slovakia / Energy-policy Perspectives in the Czech and Slovak Republics / Russia's Back Yard: The Personality Cult and the Gas Poker Game in Turkmenistan / Transformation Processes in the Arab World – the Case of Egypt / The Difficulties of Consolidation. Guatemala's Internal Conflicts Are Stumbling Blocks on the Way to Democracy

1 | 2006

International Reports 1/2006

Democracy, Democratisation, and Economic Development; Why democracy is central to prosperity and peace; Power Shifts in Asia and the Role of the USA; How to Make Democracy Work in the Arab World?; Democracy, Growth and African Development; Book Reviews

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