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9 | 2009

International Reports 9/2009

From the American to the Asian-Pacific Century? | The Geopolitical Shift of Power from the Transatlantic Region to Asia | Will America and China Shape a ’Pacific Century’? | Africa and the ’Post-American Century’ | The Lost of Centres and Peripheries. How ’the Others’ see ’the West’

7 | 2009

International Reports 7/2009

The New Social Encyclical, ”Caritas in Veritate”, and Value Orientation in Development Policy | Trailing behind? Japan's Development Policy under International Scrutiny | Russia’s National Security Strategy until 2020 | The media in Macedonia | Mexico has Voted: A clear Victory for the PRI - A Disaster for the PAN | Uribe forever or ’Soul Persuasion’? Colombia in the Year Before the Election | A Boost for the Cedar Revolution – Lebanon Votes for Stability

5 | 2009

International Reports 5/2009

Iran´s Tenth Presidential Elections | Russia´s Iran Policy Against the Background of Tehran´s Nuclear Programme | Ecuador´s ´Civic Revolution´ Before Its Stress Test | Panama Has Voted: After Torrijos Comes Martinelli | Parliamentary Elections in India - Voters Favour Clarity in Politics and a Secular State | Report on the Presidential Elections in Mongolia on May 24, 2009 | The Importance of Improving African Competitiveness | The Lake Kivu Consensus - An Agenda for a Competitive Africa

4 | 2009

International Reports 4/2009

South Africa After the Elections | South Africa‘s Foreign Policy in the Post-Mbeki-Era | South Africa‘s Media – Between Free Reporting and Political Interference | Ten Years of Democratization – an Atmospheric Picture of Nigeria | Bolivia’s Constitutional Referendum of 2009 – an Analysis

3 | 2009

International Reports 3/2009

The International Financial Crisis – ’Maybe we can’t?’ | Think Tanks in the USA | Pakistan in Front of the Chaos? Washington’s Foreign and Security Policy vis-à-vis Islamabad after the Presidential Elections in the USA | Cracks in the Anchor. Sub-Saharan Africa Needs a Strong South Africa | Guinea Bissau: President Assassinated, Constitution Remains in Force

2 | 2009

International Reports 2/2009

Israel's Elections to the 18th Knesset | The Difficult Peace in the Region of Africa's Great Lakes | Light at the End of the Tunnel? The Gas Conflict Between Ukraine and Russia | The Dispute over the Baltic Gas Pipeline. A Threat or a Necessary Supply Project? | The Situation of the Media in Serbia | Ten Years of 'Bolivarian Revolution' in Venezuela. Hugo Cháyez Between Charisma and Bureaucracy

1 | 2009

International Reports 1/2009

It Did not Pay off: Cuba 50 Years after the Revolution | Ten Propositions on the Transformation of the Conflict in Colombia | Political Reforms in Brazil - An Endless Discussion about Democracy and the Ability to Govern | Presidential and Parliamentary Elections in the Republic of Ghana in December 2008 | The Negotiations and the Agreement on Power Sharing in Zimbabwe

12 | 2008

International Reports 12/2008

A Permanent Democratic Majority? | The International Financial Crisis and the United States of America | The Consequences of the International Financial Crisis in Various Regions | NATO's Future. Some Considerations on a New Era in the History of the Alliance | Barrack Obama and Latin America - Common Interests and Old Misunderstandings | Opting Out is Dangerous: Challenges Confronting the Incoming US President in Afghanistan

11 | 2008

International Reports 11/2008

Russia´s Economy And Society Face New Challenges | Between Domestic-Policy Turbulences And the Lisbon Treaty. The Czech Republic Before its Presidency Of the EU Council In 2009 | The Journey To the Promised Land. Mexican Migration Movements | Democracies At Risk – The Carribean Under Venezuelan Influence | Conflict In the East Of the Democratic Republic Of Congo | International Hot Spots: From the Kosovo To Afghanistan. Books On International Politics

10 | 2008

International Reports 10/2008

Angola´s Parliamentary Elections in 2008 | From the 2005 Paris Declaration to the 2008 High Level Forum | Results of the Accra Summit on the Efficiency of Development Cooperation | Abkhazia and South Ossetia – Russia’s Intervention in Georgia | The Parliamentary Elections in Canada on October 14

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This periodical responds to questions concerning international issues, foreign policy and development cooperation. It is aimed at access of information about the international work for public and experts.

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Dr. Anja Schnabel

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