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The fight against climate change is not merely a question of ecological necessity but a question of economic reason. It is a question of generational equity, a question of compassion and a question of humanity and its future. Gerhard Wahlers, July 18, 2016 more...

On the Wrong Track?

German Climate Policy after the Paris Agreement
The Paris Agreement has stimulated the German debate about climate protection and has once more drawn further attention to issues like the ''Energiewende'' (energy transition) or national climate targets. But what derives from the Paris Agreement for Germany? How can Germany contribute most effectively and efficiently to the development of global climate protection – and how rather not? Jasper Eitze, July 18, 2016 more...

At the Limits of Endurance

Climate Change and Resource Conflicts as Challenges to the Asia-Pacific Region
What is feared in Europe is already a reality in Asia: Up to 30 million people have had to flee their homes. Climate change, energy shortages and competition over resources have exacerbated conflicts among states – a vicious circle that threatens to nullify all developmental progress made thus far, the consequences of which even Europe will be forced to bear. Peter Hefele, Johannes Vogel, Eric Lee, July 18, 2016 more...

Security Risks from Climate Change

New (Old) Conflicts in Latin America
Climate change has gained a firm hold on Latin America. Hurricanes, melting glaciers, droughts and flooding are the aspects that grab the media spotlight. The increasing risks to the electricity supply and the growing adaptation pressure in the megacities are slower to come to public attention. In addition, worsening conflicts over water and land use pose new security policy challenges. Christian Hübner, July 18, 2016 more...

Climate Change and Energy Security in the Anthropocene

Africa in the Light of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement
Africa is affected particularly strongly by the impacts of climate change. The continent, home to 1.2 billion people, many of whom live below the poverty line, is experiencing more frequent instances of drought and torrential rain. The implementation of the Paris Climate Protection Agreement of December 2015 will depend substantially on the steps African states will be prepared to take to drive their further development while making efforts to minimise the emission of ­greenhouse gases. Oliver C. Ruppel, Arne Wulff, July 18, 2016 more...

From Opposition to Adaptation

Energy Security and Economic Change as Drivers of a New Climate Policy in the Gulf?
For a long time, the conservative position of the Gulf States in international climate diplomacy was considered an ­obstacle to climate protection, as the profits from the lucrative trade in oil and gas ensured economic prosperity and political stability. The breakthrough of the COP21 negotiations in Paris, however, has provided indications of cautious change, driven above all by increasing concerns about the countries’ own energy security and falling returns from oil. Gidon Windecker, Sebastian Pfülb, July 18, 2016 more...

At the Crossroads

The Role of Renewable Energies in Kazakhstan’s Macroeconomic Development
For many developing countries and states undergoing the transition to a market economy, the promise of vast natural resources has long since become a burden. Initially, the traditional economy was sacrificed to the “lure of the fast buck”, but the wealth based on natural resources came to benefit only a select few. Ultimately, the country missed the right time to utilise its natural resource wealth to develop the economy in a way that would secure future prosperity. Is Kazakhstan going a different way? Thomas Helm, Nicolas Scholz, July 18, 2016 more...

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