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Cover: At the Crossroads

July 18, 2016

At the Crossroads

The Role of Renewable Energies in Kazakhstan’s Macroeconomic Development

For many developing countries and states undergoing the transition to a market economy, the promise of vast natural resources has long since become a burden. Initially, the traditional economy was sacrificed to the “lure of the fast buck”, but the wealth based on natural resources came to benefit only a select few. Ultimately, the country missed the right time to utilise its natural resource wealth to develop the economy in a way that would secure future prosperity. Is Kazakhstan going a different way?

July 18, 2016

Trump is Simply the End Product

The Polarisation of U.S. Politics Is the Culmination of Long-Term Trends

At the beginning of the U.S. primaries, the candidacies of political outsiders Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders invoked laughter among the political establishment in Washington. But the possibility of a candidate such as Trump actually ending up in the White House can no longer be ruled out. This article addresses a number of factors in the polarisation of U.S. ­politics and society and will illustrate that this is the result of long-term trends.

July 18, 2016

Where Putin’s Russia Ends

“Novorossija” and the Development of National Consciousness in Ukraine

In early 2014 the existence of an independent Ukraine hung by a thread. Russia had annexed the Crimean Peninsula, and with the “Russian Spring” a “hybrid” war in eastern Ukraine was initiated. At this moment the watchwords of “Novorossija” and Moscow’s “reconquering” of South-Eastern Ukraine gained popularity. Ultimately, the failure of the idea of a “Novorossija” is attributable mainly to developments within Ukraine that involved a renegotiation not only of ethno-national allegiances, but also of national and political loyalities since 1991.

Cover: Editorial

Apr. 4, 2016


Preserving that which is worth preserving does not mean cementing the status quo. Anyone seeking to preserve something valuable in the long term must improve it cautiously, yet continuously. This applies as equally to politics as it does to a publication such as International Reports (IR), which is presenting itself in a new form in this issue with its focus on the "Globalisation of Terrorism".

Cover: From Local Actor to Global Threat

Apr. 4, 2016

From Local Actor to Global Threat

The So-Called Islamic State (IS) in Iraq and Syria

With the onset of the crises in Syria and Iraq, the political environment in the Levant has continued to sustain a steep security decline since 2011. The dreaded prospect of spillovers into neighboring countries at the beginning has now become a reality. The self-styled Islamic State and other international militant Islamist groups operating as belligerents in the Syria and Iraq crisis constitute a grave long-term challenge for the international community.

Cover: From Protest Movement to Terrorism

Apr. 4, 2016

From Protest Movement to Terrorism

Origins and Goals of Boko Haram

In Western media the violence of Boko Haram has received considerable attention. Yet, little is known about its ideology and its aims. This article intends to close this gap while addressing the question as to which strategy is appropriate for dealing with the African jihadists.

Cover: Bandits or Terrorists?

Apr. 4, 2016

Bandits or Terrorists?

The Abu Sayyaf Group between Economic Interests and Religious Ideals

The Abu Sayyaf Group was designated as a terrorist organisation by the U.S. State Department at the end of the 1990s. The Philippine authorities followed suit in September 2015, more than 15 years later. The group made several references to its links to al-Qaeda and the Islamic State. Nonetheless, this article argues against its reckless tagging as an “Islamic terrorist organisation” by some, thereby calling for a more scrupulous approach in dealing with the complex conflict situation on the ground.

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