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Annual Report 2011 | Perspectives 2012

Mar. 29, 2012

Also available in Deutsch

Communication via the internet is an important, even essential, approach to helping us fulfil our mission. This has led us to take a new approach to the annual report. Last year, it was published for the first time as one bilingual report (in both English and German). This year the foundation is publishing reports by individual departments only online – the goal is to create a greater synergy through its presence on the internet. That means more room is available in the printed report for “Perspectives 2012” to highlight our focus topics, our expertise and our long-term projects.

Foreword 3
Highlights 5
Perspectives 21
What Europe Needs Now 22
Are the (Financial) Markets Disenfranchising Politicians? 26
The Euro Crisis – a Crisis for the German Legal System? 28
The Long Path to a Common Currency 30
Focus Europe – Newly Published by the KAS 31
Egypt’s Youth Fights for a Democratic Future 32
Investigation of the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung in Egypt 36
Mildew in the Spring 38
How to Accompany a Revolution? 41
Research on a Revolution 43
Wither Russia? 44
Satellites Drifting off Course? 47
The Beginning of the Age of Renewable Energy 50
German Energy and Environmental Policy Since 1945 53
The Future of Political Mass Parties 56
Renaissance of the Middle Class 59
Adventurers in the System 62
I Want to Participate – Parties just Like iPhones 64
A Trojan Horse from the Far Left 66
Effective Anti-Poverty Measures 70
Thirty Years Since the Kohl Era Began 73
What Does “Heimat” Mean Today? 76
New Projects and Programmes from the KAS 80
Foundation 59
About Us 84
The Departments of KAS
We Would Like to Thank Our Benefactors, Donors and Sponsors 88
The Villa La Collina in Cadenabbia 89
KAS Alumni 90
Chamber Orchestra and Adenauer’s Vocal Consort 90
Names, Facts, Balance Sheets 91


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