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Cover: Annual Report 2012 | Perspectives 2013

Annual Report 2012 | Perspectives 2013

Mar. 21, 2013

Also available in Deutsch

Our 2012 report highlights a variety of issues where the Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung is called upon to help solve problems, and contribute to a better understanding and the acceptance of change. That includes the switch to renewable energy, the European debt crisis and upheaval across North Africa and the Middle East. We have also written about many longer-term issues and showcase our 2013 slogan "Perspectives for Young People", which guides many of our projects this year.

Foreword 3
Highlights 5
Perspectives – Perspectives for Young People
Kind of Political 24
Reaching and Inspiring Young People 28
Between University Studies and the Working World 30
Making it Through Education 32
Countering a “Friendly Disinterest” 34
Perspectives – Preserving Prosperity
Economy + Environment = Sustainability 36
Surviving Crises Through Innovation 42
New Impulses for Economic Thinking 44
Major Economic Trends Through 2020 47
Global Challenges 49
Perspectives – Europe’s Future in a Multipolar World
We Want Europe – No Matter What the Cost? 52
The Birth of Europe out of a Spirit of Friendship 56
Europe and the “Big Players” 58
Mediterranean Risks 60
Gauging Actual Deeds 62
Perspectives – The Year of the Bundestag Elections
Educated, Socially Conservative and… 66
“I’ll Just Stay Home” 71
Perspectives – Innovations at the KAS
New Projects and Programmes 74
About us 78
The Departments of KAS
We Would Like to Thank Our Benefactors, Donors and Sponsors 82
The Villa La Collina in Cadenabbia 83
KAS Alumni 84
Names, Facts, Balance Sheets 85


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