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From May 1-3, 2014, Palestinian, Jordanian and Israeli high school students came together with their teachers to participate in a workshop on non-violent communication at the Newe Shalom kibbutz in the center of Israel.

Israeli, Palastinian, and Jordanian students came together in Newe Shalom for a memorable peer leadership training workshop.

PRL Project Israel Country Coordinator, Edna Calo Levine, brought her theatre group from the Arcobaleno-Beresheet LaShalom Theatre where they performed “Masks Off”, which reflected the challenges of group mentality when there is conflict. This interpretation mirrored the natural curiosity and joy groups have for one another and how it can change when differences are highlighted and even one individual is against the unity of the group.

Students worked together with Bjorn Z. Ekelund, managing director of Human Factors AS. Mr. Ekelund presented the students with the “Diversity Icebreaker”, an activity where participants take a personality test and are then divided by their test results. The questionnaire was designed to help individuals identify their preferences when communicating and collaborating together. The Diversity Icebreaker mixed the groups together and they discussed what made them similar and what made them different. These assessments were then shared with the other groups through a presentation. Mr. Ekelund highlighted how these exercises helps participants to become more aware of themselves and others within a group. He also explained how there is a little bit of everything in each individual and to understand that is to make progress.

The students used the workshop to discuss and find solutions together on a variety of topics. This experience was reflected on the presentation posted above as well as the content they wrote for the PRL Project website.

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