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What defines us, what unites us

Understanding Germany

Dec. 15, 2016

Also available in Deutsch

Explanation films of the basics of our living together - in Arabic, English and German.

"What defines us, what unites us" is the name of a series of short films produced by the Konrad-Adenauer-Foundation and bewegtbild Berlin. These films deal in a very simple and practical way with the central values of the German democracy. The topics human dignity, equal rights, freedom of expression, freedom of religion and the main pillars of our foreign policy are covered. These films are an offer to those, who have recently arrived in Germany and who wish to make it their home. The films also invite the broad public to engage in the reflection of our values, the German democracy and society as a whole.

Human Dignity

Freedom of Opinion and Expression

Equal Rights

Freedom of Religion

Foreign Policy

Spanish and arab version

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